Story 01⌗ 一用便愛上的融蠟燈 Discover the Magic of a Candle Warmer

Story 01⌗ 一用便愛上的融蠟燈 Discover the Magic of a Candle Warmer

Wooden Candle Warmer 2.0 實木融蠟燈
Cuckoo Wooden Candle Warmer 鳥籠木融蠟燈



Candle warmers, also known as wax melters or wax warmers, use temperature to melt scented candles and release their fragrance without the need for a flame. This allows you to experience pure fragrance without smoke or fire hazards. Candle warmers are easy to use, simply place a scented candle under the lamp and turn it on.

There are many benefits to using candle warmers..


❶ 安全地享受香薰蠟燭


Safe way to enjoy scented candles: With candle warmers, there is no need to burn candles with an open flame, making them safer, especially in households with children or pets.

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❷ 蠟燭壽命更持久


Longer candle life: Candle warmers melt the wax and release fragrance without consuming the wax, which prolongs the life of the candle.


❸ 沒有黑煙或燒焦味


No smoke or burnt smell: Since there is no open flame, there is no smoke or burnt smell when extinguishing candles.


❹ 記憶圈再見


Goodbye to candle tunneling: Candle warmers heat candles evenly, preventing memory circles or dents from forming. You may also switch the scent anytime you want!


❺ 提升生活質感


Enhance the quality of life: Candle warmers are aesthetically pleasing and can be used as a decoration to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

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Here are some tips for using candle warmers:



When the scent of the candle is getting weak, you can absorb or remove the top layer of wax with a paper towel to release more fragrance. 

⊹ 使用時燈罩和燈泡會發熱,避免用手觸摸。

Avoid touching the lampshade and light bulb while in use, as they can become hot.

⊹ 切勿一邊使用融蠟燈一邊用火點燃蠟燭。

Must not use a flame to light candles while using a candle warmer.



While using a candle warmer provides many benefits, burning candles with an open flame can also provide a healing experience. You may alternate between using both methods to enjoy their unique benefits and create a wonderful experience! 

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