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Breath of Clarity Body Polish 清澈氣息美膚磨砂膏

Breath of Clarity Body Polish 清澈氣息美膚磨砂膏

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Himalayan crystal salt and raw cane sugar reveal your body radiance by buffing away dead skin cells, while deeply healing rosehip CO2, shea butter and coconut oil nourish and protect new skin. Overtime skin texture becomes finer, which helps prevent in-grown hair. Also great for prepping the skin to ensure an even tan.


Breath of Clairty - ZEN-tering fragrance for yoga and meditation. This scent infuses your senses like a fresh breeze, with eucalyptus, rosemary & sweet marjoram at its herbaceous core, uplifted by the joy of peppermint and lemon. Also works wonders for blocked sinuses & aching muscles

主要成分 Key Ingredients

CO2萃取玫瑰果油 Rosehip CO2
for skin regeneration, effectively erase stretch marks, age spots and fine lines

乳木果油 Shea Butter
含維生素 A、E 和 F,可滋養和保護肌膚,刺激膠原蛋白增生
rich in vitamin A, E and F. Its creaminess nourishes and protects. Stimulates collagen production

椰子油 Coconut Oil
含維生素 E 和有益的脂肪酸,清潔力好,可作消毒和抗菌
rich in vitamin E and beneficial fatty acids. Its disinfectant and antimicrobial properties make it an excellent cleanser

喜馬拉雅水晶岩鹽 Himalayan Crystal Salt
contains an abundance of trace minerals to detoxify and soften while buffing away dead skin

原蔗糖 Raw Cane Sugar
effective yet gentle exfoliant. Its humectants property helps condition the skin, also contains glycolic acid (an AHA) to boost cell turnover

桉樹 Eucalyptus
stimulates the mind and aids concentration. Its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties provide effective relief from muscle and joint pain

cooling and stimulating, it helps unblock sinuses, ease muscle aches and soothes indigestion

甜墨角蘭 Sweet Marjoram
warming and relaxing, its antispasmodic property helps soothe tickly coughs, aching muscles and joints, also effective for digestive issues

迷迭香 Rosemary
improves circulation, promotes mental focus

使用次數 Usage


Use once or twice a week depending on your skin type and the season. Generally speaking, once a week is enough for sensitive skin, twice a week is good for normal or oily skin.


Made in Devon, United Kingdom


200 ml


Natural handmade skincare brand from the beautiful British countryside - Devon. Inspired by nature, uses 100% natural plant extracts and created with aroma therapeutic benefits in mind.


Handmade in small batches only to keep the effectiveness and quality


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