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Mayde Tea

Hibiscus Lemon Myrtle Iced Tea 洛神花茶

Hibiscus Lemon Myrtle Iced Tea 洛神花茶

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This refreshing herbal blend can be enjoyed hot or cold. Either way, this tea will nourish you with antioxidants that support the digestive system. The liveliness of lemon myrtle and rooibos balances with the floral sweetness of jasmine and hibiscus to produce a deliciously uplifting brew.


"This blend is so nice and fresh. I have loved keeping a big brew of it in the fridge and drinking it iced all summer." - Vanessa, Mayde Tea customer.

「我喜歡在冰箱裡浸泡一大壺洛神花茶,然後喝足一整個夏天。」- Mayde Tea 用家 Vanessa


Ingredients: Lemon myrtle, rooibos, hibiscus petals, jasmine flowers



// Therapeutic Benefits //

Lemon myrtle 檸檬香桃木

A stunning Australian native, lemon myrtle has a beautiful refreshing citrusy flavour. It has been used traditionally for sinus infections, bronchitis and irritable digestive disorders. Lemon myrtle supports the digestive processes and reduces symptoms such as bloating and cramping. Lemon myrtle is also used as a potent antioxidant, protecting cells throughout the body.



Rooibos 紅灌木

Rooibos contains powerful antioxidants called polyphenols. These polyphenols act as an anti-inflammatory and protect cells from damage.



Hibiscus 洛神花

Hibiscus has traditionally been used to regulate fluid balance and promote overall health. It has been found to improve skin conditions, promote adequate circulation and improve digestive issues.



Jasmine 茉莉花

Jasmine has been found to strengthen the immune system by fighting bacteria-causing infections. Jasmine flowers may soothe the throat and reduce other symptoms caused by viruses such as the common cold.



Tea tube - 40 serves

Brewing instructions:

1 tsp / 250ml, brew for 3-5 minutes at 80°C

將 1 茶匙的散茶泡在 250 毫升和 80°C 的熱水 3 至 5 分鐘


Serve as iced tea:

Brew hot, and leave to chill overnight in the fridge /OR

熱水浸泡然後放冰箱冷藏一晚 /或

Brew hot, and serve immediately over ice



Tea tube and lid are fully recyclable, and lining is home compostable.


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