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Attirecare Shoe Deodorant Bibbona 鞋用除臭噴霧

Attirecare Shoe Deodorant Bibbona 鞋用除臭噴霧

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A specially formulated product with added natural cleaning agents alongside fresh fragrances. Designed to not only mask the bad-smelling odours but to actually eliminate them.


It is a scent with a sensually, floral citrus-like undertone with an infusion of warm herbal notes of fresh thyme. Take a piece of the Tuscan countryside with you wherever you next take off your shoes.


Eco-friendly and biodegradable. The packaging is made up of a recycled glass bottle and a 100% recyclable plastic mist spray lid.




Purified water, essential oil, fragrance, food-grade preservative, sodium carbonate.



Made in Manchester, England

// Application //

Lift the tongue and spray directly into the shoe. Then leave to dry completely before wearing.


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