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AYDRY & Co. Botan Wooden Wick Candle 牡丹木芯蠟燭

AYDRY & Co. Botan Wooden Wick Candle 牡丹木芯蠟燭

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Botan is the delicate blend of blossoming peony flowers. This is a scent that is soft at first, and then unfolds into a cedarwood and powder base that feels like you are in the spring garden.


Wooden wicks are made from 100% natural wood from fruit trees sustainably sourced in the USA.

採用來自美國可持續的木製燭芯,由果樹的 100% 天然木材製成



3oz - up to 18 hours burning time

7oz - up to 40 hours burning time

Handcrafted in USA

// Tips //

For a cleaner burn, trim wick before each use.


Always protect the table or surface on which the candle rests.


Discontinue when ½ inch of wax remains to prevent possible cracking. 


To preserve the fragrance, do not burn your candles for more than three hours at a time

請勿燃燒蠟燭超過 3 小時以保存香氣

Candles should never be left burning unattended.


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