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Candle Care

Candle Essential Tools 蠟燭工具套裝

Candle Essential Tools 蠟燭工具套裝

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Essential tools set for candle lovers - making sure your candles burn clean and bright. Including a wick trimmer, wick dipper, candle snuffer, a plate.


Wick trimmer 燭芯剪

An accessory to regularly cut the wick of your candle for an even and clean burn. It also helps eliminate soot and black smoke.


Wick dipper 燭芯調整鈎

Provides a smoke-free, cleaner option for extinguishing your candles. Simply dip the lit wick into the melted wax pool. You can also use the wick dipper to adjust the position of the wick and ensure an even melt.



Candle snuffer 滅燭罩

A perfect accessory for extinguishing flame safely on your candles. Just hover the snuffer over the flame as close to the melted wax pool as possible.




Matte black / Gold / Silver

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