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Cereria Mollá

Cereria Mollá Car Diffuser 車用擴香

Cereria Mollá Car Diffuser 車用擴香

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Amber & Sandalwood 琥珀與檀香 (Woody 木質調)

Amber & Sandalwood takes us to the heart of Egypt or Arabia where the creaminess of sandalwood meets the sensuality of cedar. The fruity nuances of bergamot give it a sparkling touch capable of captivating any space. 



French Linen 法式亞麻 (Floral Woody 花木香調)

French Linen fills the space with a heart of lilies, peonies and freshly cut freesia flowers. French Linen revitalizes us with its citrus touches and takes us back to childhood.



Grapefruit & Bay 葡萄柚和月桂 (Fruity 果香調)

Grapefruit & Bay takes us to the incomparable summer in an exotic and sunny country. Its characteristic sweet and acid notes fill any space with energy and light. Grapefruit is a morning in August in the middle of the beach.



Moroccan Cedar 摩洛哥雪松 (Woody 木質調)

Moroccan Cedar takes us to the African Mediterranean where the Arabian courtyards envelop us with its characteristic aroma of cedar wood and a sweet oriental background. Moroccan Cedar is a mid-afternoon tea in the middle of the desert.


Size: 7cm x 6cm


Made in Valencia, Spain

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