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Cereria Mollá

Cereria Mollá French Linen Incense 法式亞麻線香

Cereria Mollá French Linen Incense 法式亞麻線香

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Floral Woody 花木香調

French Linen fills the space with a heart of lilies, peonies and freshly cut freesia flowers. French Linen revitalizes us with its citrus touches and takes us back to childhood.


Each pack comes with 20 x 23cm sticks

每包含 20 支 23cm 高線香

Incense sticks are handmade using natural components: bamboo sticks and wood powder, steam-treated stick. Contains no chemical glue, no pesticides, colorant-free.



Approximately 45 minutes burning time per stick

每支線香可燃燒約 45 分鐘


Handmade in Valencia, Spain

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