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Hollow Tree

Hollow Tree The Lions Candle 雙獅峰蠟燭|高山冷杉 \寵物友善 Pet-friendly/

Hollow Tree The Lions Candle 雙獅峰蠟燭|高山冷杉 \寵物友善 Pet-friendly/

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Scent: Balsam, alpine fir, cypress



Illuminate your space with the essence of the majestic north shore mountains with "The Lions" Signature Candle. Infused with the crisp, verdant scents of Balsam, Alpine Fir, and Cypress, this candle captures the breathtaking natural beauty of the iconic twin peaks visible from Vancouver.


Made with premium coconut wax, organic cotton wick (burn significantly cleaner and longer) and natural fragrance oil




9oz Tin - 50-55 hours burning time

Hand-poured in Whistler, Canada


After the candle completely burned out, the white ceramic jars can be used to grow plants, or it can be broken down into small pieces and placed in the soil of your plants as it helps to aerate the soil.



// Tips //


Never leave your candle unattended and never move your candle while it is already ignited.


Always burn on a flat surface and keep off of forest floors, extinguish all candles upon leaving the room.


Keep burning candles away from anything that could be at risk or flammable.


Keep candles out of reach of your pets or little ones.


Do not burn a candle for longer than 4 hours and wicks should be trimmed to ~0.5 cm each time before burning.

請勿將蠟燭燃燒超過4個小時,並且在每次燃燒之前將燭芯修剪至 0.5cm長

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