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It's Saturday!

It's Saturday! Pillow Warm Cotton - 織物與空間香氛噴霧 Home Spray

It's Saturday! Pillow Warm Cotton - 織物與空間香氛噴霧 Home Spray

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Rose and Citrus 玫瑰與柑橘

Main notes: white rose, violet, Sicilian orange

Base notes: patchouli, white musk, cedarwood, vetiver



This spray combines woody, floral, and fruity scents. It starts with a hint of fresh rose fragrance and ends with a citrusy undertone reminiscent of dew.




It contains natural deodorizer "persimmon extract," which effectively eliminates odors from spaces and clothing. Enjoy the scent and use it with peace of mind.

Persimmon extract - derived from persimmon fruits, it is rich in tannins, the main component of persimmons. It is a natural plant deodorizer with antibacterial and deodorizing effects.


「 柿子萃取 」來自柿子樹果實,富含柿子單寧主成分,是天然的植物消臭劑,帶有抑菌跟除臭的效果。

The dense and delicate spray nozzle allows you to lightly spray 1-2 times, filling the entire space with a captivating fragrance, creating a soothing atmosphere for an entire weekend afternoon.

綿密細緻的噴頭,只要輕輕噴 1-2 次,就可以讓整個空間充滿迷人香氣,療癒一整個週末下午。


Size: 100ml


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