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MAHŌ Sensory

MAHŌ Sensory Hoseki Sara Rose Quartz Crystal 玫瑰粉水晶線香座

MAHŌ Sensory Hoseki Sara Rose Quartz Crystal 玫瑰粉水晶線香座

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Brushed copper paired with Rose Quartz combines to create the signature Hōseki Sara by MAHŌ - an ethereal burning kit.

刷光的銅配搭玫瑰石英,共同打造了 MAHŌ 的招牌作品 Hōseki Sara,一個超凡的燃燒套裝。


A sophisticated accent to any room, Hōseki Sara by MAHŌ’s minimalist design captures the delicate qualities of crystal anchored in earth’s finest materials. Custom fit to MAHŌ Sensory Sticks, the Hōseki Sara directs smoke energy into a copper conduit honoured for its healing properties. Activated when lit, the ignited fragrance induces calm, relaxation, and eases the mind along a transcendent journey through nature and smoke. 

Hōseki Sara 是 MAHŌ 的極簡設計,為任何房間增添了精緻的裝飾,捕捉了水晶的細膩品質,融入了最優質的材料。專為 MAHŌ 線香棒量身定制,Hōseki Sara 將煙霧能量引導到被譽為具有治療特性的銅中。點燃後能夠帶來平靜、放鬆,並使心靈在大自然和煙霧的超凡旅程中得到舒緩。


All crystals are cut by hand from natural stone and may feature variations in colour and pattern.




Size: 10.16cm hand cut and polished crystal plate, 2cm hand cut polished crystal sphere


Designed in Melbourne and handmade in India

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