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Sevin London

Sevin London Natural Face Body & Hair Oil 多用途身體油

Sevin London Natural Face Body & Hair Oil 多用途身體油

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Perfect for face, body and hair, it derives from the highest grade of natural enriching oils.


Perfect for a nice and silky texture for your skin and also effective to reduce scars and other rashes on the skin.



3 scents available:

Porcelain White - delicate melange of jasmine flower essence and sweetness of amber

瓷白 - 細膩的茉莉花精華加琥珀的甜味

Marble Black - rich fusion of clove and bergamot

石黑 - 丁香的花香加淡淡的佛手柑香味

Fresh Clay - refreshing mixture of green sea clay, musky vanilla fragrance with a touch of ylang ylang

灰陶 - 清新綠海泥、麝香香草加淡淡的依蘭依蘭香味



Sweet almond oil, sesame oil, hazelnut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, wheatgerm oil, sunflower oil, vitamin E, fragrance oil





30ml / 100ml

How to use:

Use it after washing, to improve your hair health and revive it from dryness. The blend of vitamins A, B and E -found in abundance in olive and sweet almond - will restore elasticity and shine while Jojoba oil is proven one of the best natural hair loss treatment.

Apply it on your face after cleansing. This oil is designed to protect your skin. It is the ideal antidote to dry, flaky skin while it can be used to treat under eye dark circles. The additional vitamin E will repair your skin and can reduce your wrinkles.





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