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Attirecare The Protector 鞋用抗污防水噴霧

Attirecare The Protector 鞋用抗污防水噴霧

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The Protector spray is an invisible, odourless formula designed to repel liquids and protect your shoes and accessories from unwanted stains. The proofing spray creates a protective coating that prevents damage to your shoes or trainers from everyday spills and stains.



Make sure the surface you have treated is completely dry before exposing it to any liquid and remember the longer the cure time the more effective the repellency will be.



Eco-friendly and biodegradable. The packaging is made up of a recycled glass bottle and a 100% recyclable plastic mist spray lid.




Aqua, Fluoropolymer <5%



Made in Manchester, England

// Application //

1. The material should be clean and dry before application 噴灑前鞋面應保持乾淨且乾燥

2. Hold the bottle upright 6" to 8" from the area being treated, and spray evenly covering the entire area of the shoe 將瓶子直立保持 15 至 20 厘米的距離,均勻噴在鞋面,覆蓋整個鞋子的範圍

3. Do not over-saturate 不要過度噴灑

4. Use a cloth to soak up any excess solution 用布吸收多餘溶液

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