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Boy Smells

Boy Smells Cameo Candle 粉紅寶石蠟燭

Boy Smells Cameo Candle 粉紅寶石蠟燭

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Floral 花香調



Top: bergamot, lemon peel, crystalized ginger, mandarin
Middle: thyme, rose petals, turberose, violet leaf
Base: musk, white woods, cetalox, vanilla, amber


An epic floral scent that combines strength and softness. The spice of crystallized ginger, warmth of vanilla, and the grounding sacred feminine of rose act as conduits for compassion. Cameo evokes the the pastel tones of blue and pink typical of the Neoclassical style.



Blends beeswax and coconut oil with fine perfumes and essentials oils, also braided natural cotton wick.



Free from parabens. Eco-friendly and cruelty free.




240g - approximately 50 hours burning time

Designed and hand-poured in Los Angeles

// Candle Care //


Prior to each lighting, trim the wick to 6mm for a clean and smoke free burn. 

每次燃燒前將燭芯修剪至 6mm 長

On your first light, allow the entire surface of wax to melt — Minimum of 3 hours. There will be some “wax wall hanging,” but that’s normal.

第一次點燃至少燃燒 3 小時,直到蠟的整個表面融化,如有「壁掛」情況皆屬正常現象

After each burn, carefully re-adjust the wick while the wax is still molten.


Discontinue when ½ inch of wax remains to prevent possible cracking. 


For all burns, never let it go on for more than 4 hours.

請勿燃燒蠟燭超過 4 小時以保存香氣

Candles should never be left burning unattended.


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