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Mayde Tea

Chai Sprinkles 印度香料灑粉

Chai Sprinkles 印度香料灑粉

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Mayde Tea Chai Sprinkle is the finishing touch for eye-catching cups of milky chai. The blend of coconut sugar, cinnamon and ginger is carefully balanced to enhance the flavour and aroma of every sip. This sweet, spiced sprinkle will take your chai to a new level. Also sprinkle on banana bread, muesli, ice cream or coffee.

Mayde Tea Chai Sprinkle 能為印度香料奶茶畫上的完美句號,精心混合了椰子糖、肉桂和生薑,以添加每一口的風味和香氣。 這款甜美的灑粉可以將使用印度香料奶茶即沖粉調配的 Chai Latte 提升到新水平,也可以隨心灑在香蕉麵包、麥片、冰淇淋或咖啡上。

"The perfect pair to the chai latte powder! So much better than any cafe chai latte I've had." - Georgia, Mayde Tea customer.

「絕對是印度香料奶茶的完美搭配!比我在任何咖啡店喝過的 Chai Latte 都要好。」- Mayde Tea 用家 Georgia


Ingredients: Organic spices, evaporated coconut nectar, black tea, sea salt



43.5g / 1.53oz


Packaged in a glass amber jar with a sprinkle top


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