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Delicate Romance Body Soufflé 浪漫玫瑰美膚梳乎厘

Delicate Romance Body Soufflé 浪漫玫瑰美膚梳乎厘

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The heavenly Body Soufflé is designed to melt on your skin, as smooth as whipped cream, light but dense, you'd be mesmerised by the velvet softness of your own skin. Whipping together shea butter, coconut oil, and rosehip CO2 until it becomes a fluffy meringue. The result is a beauty wonder that is richer than a body lotion, yet lighter than a body butter. Wonderful for dry skin in air-conditioned room during summer or dry winter skin. Also great for sun care or protecting delicate skin after shaving and waxing.


Delicate Romance - a symphony of gorgeous roses laced with warm spices and uplifting citrus. It's a sumptuously feminine scent that opens with citrus top notes of sweet orange and lemon, leading to a blooming heart of rose & geranium, to be warmly embraced by vanilla, patchouli and sandalwood in the base notes.

主要成分 Key Ingredients

CO2萃取玫瑰果油 Rosehip CO2
for skin regeneration, effectively erase stretch marks, age spots and fine lines

乳木果油 Shea Butter
含維生素 A、E 和 F,可滋養和保護肌膚,刺激膠原蛋白增生
rich in vitamin A, E and F. Its creaminess nourishes and protects. Stimulates collagen production

椰子油 Coconut Oil
含維生素 E 和有益的脂肪酸,清潔力好,可作消毒和抗菌
rich in vitamin E and beneficial fatty acids. Its disinfectant and antimicrobial properties make it an excellent cleanser

維他命E Vitamin E
powerful antioxidant, repairs free radical damage and improves skin elasticity

玫瑰 Rose
refines skin texture, reduces redness and soothes inflammation

天竺葵 Geranium
promotes cell renewal, balances the skin and regulates hormonal health

檀香 Sandalwood
promotes wound healing

香草 Vanilla
promotes a sense of well being and tranquillity. Soothes inflammation and rich in antioxidants

甜橙 Sweet Orange
great for cleansing, stimulating and toning

使用方法 How to use

Start with a small amount and massage with love to dry skin, you'd be surprised to find that it spreads so much

Use once every day after the body is wiped dry after shower in summer

Use it twice a day after showering or before going to bed to protect the skin from dryness and peeling all day long

suitable for hand and foot massage especially heel cracks


Made in Devon, United Kingdom


200 ml

Natural handmade skincare brand from the beautiful British countryside - Devon. Inspired by nature, uses 100% natural plant extracts and created with aroma therapeutic benefits in mind.


Handmade in small batches only to keep the effectiveness and quality


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