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Diamond 方形抱枕 - Feijoa Green 斐濟果綠

Diamond 方形抱枕 - Feijoa Green 斐濟果綠

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100% organic cotton 有機棉 | 100% naturally dyed 自然染色

This diamond weave tasseled feijoa green pillow features a new weave of small beautiful diamonds with two sections of abundant hanging tassels for an added touch of playfulness.



Super soft pure cotton weave that you will fall in love at the very first touch!



Does not include insert 不含枕芯


18" x 18" / 45 x 45cm


Zuahaza was founded by Tatiana in 2019 in Bogota, Colombia. It means “my sister” in the Muisca language of the people who lived in the Cundiboyacense mountain region of Colombia. Zuahaza strives to connect women from across Colombia, and to create unique products that reflect their diversity, history and dreams as statements of the unity and peace to come from Colombia. This is what sisterhood means.

Zuahaza 由 Tatiana 於2019年在哥倫比亞成立。在 Muisca 語言中(哥倫比亞 Cundiboyacense 山區附近的語言) Zuahaza 指「my sister」。 Zuahaza 努力聯繫來自哥倫比亞各地的婦女,並創造獨特的產品來反映她們的多樣性、歷史和夢想,以此來表達來自哥倫比亞的團結與和平,這就是姊妹的意思。


Apart from the organic cotton sourced from Peru, Zuahaza gets their beautiful colors through collecting and extracting colors from plants and vegetables. This is also an ancient practice, and the way everything was dyed in the past. Natural dyes are biodegradable and cause minimal environmental impact when used with safe mordants.

除了使用秘魯的有機棉外,Zuahaza 所有美麗織品的顏色都是由植物和蔬菜中提取的,這是一種古老的做法,也是過往一貫染色的方法。天然染料不但可生物降解,與安全媒染劑一起使用時對環境的影響也是最小。


Handmade by women artisans from Colombia



// Product care 產品保養 //


Natural Dyes 自然染色

All the products have been tested to be colorfast. However, natural dyes compared to synthetic dyes tend to fade in brightness with time, so please follow the wash instructions to ensure you enjoy your product for many years.



Wash 洗滌

Wash it carefully by hand with a PH neutral soap. Due to the natural dyes used in the products, colored water may run on the first washes, especially with indigo dyed fabric. This is completely normal and won’t stain other fabrics.



Dry 晾乾

Air dry only! This will avoid shrinking and felting.



Sun Exposure 避免長期日曬

Avoid direct sunlight for long periods of time. This will allow colors to fade in brightness faster.



Handmade 手工製

Due to the handmade quality of the products, small alterations might appear in color and texture.


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