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Mayde Tea

Green Sencha, Jasmine & Rose 茉莉玫瑰煎茶

Green Sencha, Jasmine & Rose 茉莉玫瑰煎茶

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This energising marriage of fine green tea and botanicals is rich in antioxidants. Sencha is a smooth, sweet and delicate Japanese green tea. Together with fragrant jasmine and rose, it gives you an instant lift at any time of the day.



"I love this tea. I was a huge coffee drinker and I tried this blend and it made me feel so clear-minded, on the ball and not jittery. I love the hint of rose, this is my all-day favourite." - Morgan, Mayde Tea customer.

「我是個愛喝咖啡的人但我也愛這款茶,它同樣能讓我感覺頭腦清醒,不會感到緊張不安。我喜歡玫瑰的味道,這是我一整天的最愛。」- Mayde Tea 用家 Morgan


Ingredients: Green tea sencha, jasmine flowers, rose petals (contains natural traces of caffeine)

成分:綠茶煎茶,茉莉花,玫瑰花瓣 (含天然微量咖啡因)


// Therapeutic Benefits //

Green tea sencha 綠茶煎茶

Although from the same plant, Sencha has higher therapeutic properties than black tea, including antioxidant content. Green tea gently stimulates the nervous system and thus has been effective in the treatment of fatigue and headaches. The active compounds in green tea also reduce inflammation. 



Jasmine flowers 茉莉花

Jasmine has been found to strengthen the immune system by fighting bacteria-causing infections. Jasmine flowers may soothe the throat and reduce other symptoms caused by viruses such as the common cold.



Rose petals 玫瑰花瓣

Rose is beautifully fragrant, packed with vitamin C and high in antioxidants. Rose adds a beautiful but subtle floral flavour.

玫瑰香氣怡人,富含維生素 C 和高抗氧化劑,亦增添了一種美麗而微妙的花香。



Mini jar - 15 serves

Tea tube - 40 serves

Brewing instructions:

1 tsp / 250ml, brew for 1-3 minutes at 80°C

將 1 茶匙的散茶泡在 250 毫升和 80°C 的熱水 1 至 3 分鐘即可


Mini jar, tea tube and lid are fully recyclable, and lining is home compostable.


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