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My Mag Essentials

My Mag Essentials Bergamot Magnesium Lotion 佛手柑鎂乳霜

My Mag Essentials Bergamot Magnesium Lotion 佛手柑鎂乳霜

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Boosts your body with the daily dosage of Magnesium. It is gentle and safe. Apply to the shoulders, calves, and lower back before bed to:

✓ Ease your aches and pains;
✓ Improve your sleep;
✓ Encourage a sense of relaxation and calmness;
✓ Improve your energy levels


✓ 舒緩身體緊繃疲憊
✓ 改善睡眠
✓ 放鬆身心
✓ 提高能量水平


Recommended daily intake of magnesium for adult is 380mg for males and 320mg for females, while each ml of Magnesium Lotion contains 104mg of magnesium.

每人每日建議的鎂攝取量分別為 380 毫克(成年男性)和  320 毫克(成年女性),而鎂乳霜每 1 毫升即含有 104 毫克的鎂。


Bergamot and orange with mountain pepperberry and chamomile extract, pure and high quality of essential oil with an array of benefits for the body and mind; calming and uplifting, got antiviral properties and is used as a natural antioxidant, It is very rich on Vitamin A and E, an antiseptic, sedative, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.


Sourced and extracted from Pristine Zechstein sea, so please avoid contact with cuts or wounds on the body as it may cause a slight stinging sensation.



Suitable for children. It is advised to consult doctor before use during pregnancy. Applied to hands and feet after 4 months.




Made in Australia


Comes in biodegradable cornstarch bottles and sustainable bamboo cap



After opening, please use within 12 months



Store in cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight


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