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Mayde Tea

Stainless Steel Tea Infuser 不鏽鋼泡茶器

Stainless Steel Tea Infuser 不鏽鋼泡茶器

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Mayde Tea is committed to treading lightly on our planet which is why we produce loose-leaf tea rather than teabags. So, save the environment (and your time!) with our stainless steel infuser.

Teabags contain bleaches, glues, staples and other nasties that we would rather not consume with our therapeutic tea blends. They also break down into millions of pieces of micro-plastic that are harmful to the environment.

Mayde Tea 致力於環保希望減少對地球的傷害,這也是選擇製作散茶而不用茶包袋的原因。因此,使用我們的不鏽鋼泡茶器一來可以保護環境(二來是更節省時間!)。



The lid also doubles as as a drip tray. Just flip upside-down after brewing and place the infuser inside.

Our infuser fits most mugs and teapots. Please empty the tea leaves into your compost or garden.


Mayde Tea 泡茶器適用於大部分茶杯和茶壺,茶葉於沖泡後更可當作肥料使用於花園中。

"The tea strainer is great also it can be used for a mug or teapot and is easy to clean" - Tia, Mayde Tea customer

「這款泡茶器很棒,它可以用於茶杯或茶壺中,而且易於清潔。」- Mayde Tea 用家 Tia

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